Make more money and grow your fitness business

The all-in-one workout system to help you make more money and connect better with your clients

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D-STRONG helps personal trainers and coaches train clients online or in small groups so they can make more money and connect better with their clients.

Reboot your training business

Train clients anywhere

New form of revenue

Save time designing workouts


Luke Butler

“I was looking for something that did it all in one complete package and allowed for me to travel with it. That's when I found the DistruptiveStrong Bag, the Swiss Army knife for fitness training. This product is legit and will push you to the next level in training.”


Ronyell Dobson

“The workouts are timely and effective. I love this app because I am able to choose a program that works for me and it tells me what to do everyday, no thinking required!”


Alan Noble, MD

“Strong, versatile, extremely convenient. The bag and shot bells allow me to perform the functional workouts I need as a judoka. I no longer have to go to the gym to use different weighted sandbags, Bulgarian bags, and different kettle bells.”